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Event tent structure composition details

Event tent structure composition details

Event tent structure consists of:

Regardless of the type of event tent, the main body is composed of two parts: the metal frame and the canopy. The different tents have different frame structures. The conventional tents generally adopt a unit-combined structure, and the spherical tents are adopted. The dome structure, and the materials selected for the tent frame are mainly made of aluminum alloy. There are also tents with steel structure, but the quality will be slightly worse than the aluminum alloy.


The tent of the event tent is mainly made of PVC knife scraping coated cloth, and the canopy is divided into top cloth, cloth cloth and edging cloth. The top cloth is used to cover the top of the tent. Generally, the best quality tarpaulin will be selected. For example, the awning cloth will use 850g/square PVC tarpaulin, while the tarpaulin cloth and edging fabric will use 650g/square PVC tarpaulin. Other canopy materials are available if there are special requirements.

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