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8x33 Outdoor Red European Steel Wedding Tent

8x33 Outdoor Red European Steel Wedding Tent

From the outside, it is the ordinary steel wedding tent; when you look into it, the European-style veil ceiling, cool air-conditioning system, white interiors, and romantic wedding T stage are like hotel weddings.

The steel wedding tent is considered by many to be a relatively simple wedding wedding tent. However, it was shocked to dress up in a high-end and elegant European style.


Now that the material level is improving, if you want to hold a grounded yet elegant wedding in Murakami, you can choose a wedding tent. Even a simple steel wedding tent can achieve the expected effect.

8x33 outdoor red European steel wedding tent, built in the reserved space for half a day, laying carpet in the mud to improve the internal environment.


The intimate air conditioning system makes the hot weather cool.

The wedding stage is indispensable to make the wedding ceremony more ceremonial and you can watch the performance more clearly.


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